Thursday, October 02, 2008

The slaves of the past were liberated by removing their chains. The mind-slaves today are not so easily liberated. 9/11 was a powerful branding event which activated millions of mind-slaves like they were insects. Like insects, they cannot see the obvious: Nazi Mind Control was brought to America to brainwash our children, not our enemies.

As the elite are celebrating slavery at Bedford Springs, we are bringing the real science and the real history of Nazi Mind Control to real courts. Since the advent of Nazi Mind Control being advanced against the American people in 1947, our nation has transformed dramatically. The Bush administration has used Nazi Mind Control for full effect, enslaving millions of Americans. Project Paperclip brought top Nazi mind-controllers like Mengele to the United States in order to program Americans through mass media for the full destruction of the American family. The full Nazification of the American population would allow them to kill millions around the world and descend the American population into a powerful slavery, much of this slavery functioning on the subconscious mind through a "science" of behaviorism perfected by the Skull and Bones and the Bohemian Grove. As Huxley predicted, such slavery can be fully embraced by the population as a "necessary" thing. Through effective Mind Control, it can be fully "normalized." They can even be fully drugged to accept absolute slavery as a good thing.

Aldous Huxley proposed that social workers and police can be made dumber than animals, fully conditioned by Freudian sex taboos to repress critical sex education in children. Huxley worked for the elite mind controllers. He also proposed that parents kept ignorant of these methods would be easily manipulated out of their children, producing slaves for the state. This destruction of the parental duty is the key for making children fully delusional for state programming involving sexed-up media. Your children then become sexual idiots, fully manipulated by sexed-up and "parental" media for the rest of their lives. The elite will achieve this coup over good parents through Nazi bigotry programming, programming bureaucrats to destroy real parental instincts which are absolutely critical for children. This destruction of millions of years of basic child development into reality will set children up for a totalitarian mythic system of government fully normalized through mass media. Those many mesmerist figures in media will then become the parent figures for children, fully programming them with the government's agenda. Events like 9/11 then become fully believed as a "sacred myth" requiring "endless war" advanced by media and not by the actual facts. When the parental duty is fully destroyed, reality becomes totally unnecessary and a broad mythic system is advanced over the entire population, secretly controlled by a select few "elite."

View the YouTube Video: Huxley explains the Eugenics Seduction of Mass Delusion.

DR. GREEN (Dr. Joseph Mengele)

The most significant programmer, perhaps one could give him the title of thefather of Monarch Programming was Joseph Mengele, an ex-Nazi Concentration Camp doctor. Thousands of Monarch mind-controlled slaves in the U.S. had “Dr.Green” as their chief programmer.

Physically the doctor was 5’8”, dark-brown hair, greenish brown eyes, and gracefully handsome. He was a Dr. Jekyll-Mr.Hyde character who disarmed people by his kindness. He was gentle and quiet and intelligent, while still having a very sadistic brutal side to him.Joseph Mengele was born into a wealthy Satanic bloodline, and became one of the most powerful Satanists in the world. He was an expert on demonology and the Cabala. He was at least a Grand Master in the Illuminati, but how high he went up the hierarchy ladder is unknown to this author. Because he was part of the Illuminati and their bodies are not to have visible scars, Joseph Mengele did not take the SS tatoo on his body when he joined the Nazi SS.

Mengele became the camp doctor at the famous Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Joseph Mengele was in a very key position as the camp doctor at Auschitz. He was able to use countless thousands of people as guinea pigs for experiments. One of the chief items that had to be charted in detail was how much torture various humans could take. The charts were worked up so that the Illuminati would know exactly how much torture and how much nurturing to carry out in creating trauma-based mind-controlled slaves.

After Joseph grew up in Gunzberg with a family noted for their secrecy, and an abusive mother, he studied at Frankfurt-am-Main which is a satanic stronghold in Germany. He interned at Leipzig, a town known for being the site of modern learning theories. Later he joined the SA and then later the SS.

At the end of W.W. II the United States army took custody of Mengele, and the secret satanists of the satanic brotherhood, got Mengele quietly smuggled into the U.S. Mengele was given a higher profile in South Americato lead people to think that he spent his time in South America. Actually Mengele spent a great deal of time travelling worldwide especially to places like Tavistock and China Lake’s Naval Intelligence base where Monarch slaves were created from innocent children. Although Mengele did indeed live in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay a great deal of misinformation and disinformation has been dumped on the world by the CIA and other groups working for the Illuminati.

Mengele continued to love music and dancing throughout his life. He became a human puppetmaster who used music to program with. He liked both the violin and the piano. He did lots of musical key-tones programming. Some of his proteges also used music to program with. This bent toward using music then contributed to the fact that the American country western industry is an outgrowth of the Monarch program. The country western industry is a cover for the drug running done via Monarch slaves.

Another bent of Mengele’s also contributed to a direction that the Monarch program took. Mengele was fascinated by twins and twinning. Mengele experimented on thousands of twins, most of who died from the torture of the experiments. Science experiments need two groups, one of which is a control group. Twins make research easy. Mengele used them extensively. He was developing, along with some German and Italian researchers, the capability to trauma bond people to their abuser to such an extent that the victim would be totally loyal to their abuser.

During episodes in the camps when Mengele saved people from execution by the S.S., some of those people remained loyal to him to this day in spite of an awareness of how many people he cruelly tortured to death. Monarch slaves are programmed to think they have a twin somewhere. Many of them have been twinned into 2 person and 4 person teams also. Mengele was known by people in the camps by his victims as the Angel of Death, Vater (father), Vaterchen (daddy) and Schoner Joseph(beautiful Joseph).

Monarch mind-controlled slave victims who were programmed by him know him by names such as Doctor Green, Papa, David and Fairchild. Monarch slaves remember the cadence of his shiny black boots as he marched back and forth while programming them. Whether programming in a lab, or experimenting on humans Dr. Mengele enjoyed reducing people to the level of animals. However, many times his victims were restrained from crying tears. Mengele is well-known by his Monarch victims for his daisy game programming. He would pull off a daisy and say I love you.” Then he would pull of one and say, I love you not.” When the last daisy petal came out I love you not,” he would then kill a small child in front of the child he was programming.

Mengele was in Dallas during the killing of JFK, which was achieved by trained Monarch slaves. (In fact, the Beaumont, TX Enterprise on Mon. April 10, ’94 in the Metro Sect. B, on page B 4b reports that a sworn affidavit exists where a man connects Joseph Mengele with Kennedy’s death and to have seen Mengele at the Texas Book Depository.) Luis Angel Castillo was just one of the Monarch mind-controlled slaves sent to kill JFK on Nov. 22, ’63. A woman from Germany named Mrs. Krebs, along with a host of other programmers, worked with Mengele on the Kennedy assassination. In 1956, as part of the ongoing deception (and also showing the audacity of the Illuminati) Joseph Mengele applied and got an Argentinean foreign resident permit under his own name. He even travelled to Europe to various countries in 1956 using his own name.

DR.WHITE (Dr. D. Ewen Cameron)

Dr.White was the cover name for D. Ewen Cameron (b. Dec. 24, 1901 - Sept. 8,1967). He was born in Scotland, was tall, imposing, & blue eyed, liked whiskey, and wore custom-made suits. He called women “Lassie.” His favorite book growing up was Frankenstein, it is said that Frankenstein inspired him to go into psychiatry.

Cameron was president of the powerful American Psychiatric Association, and later the president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, and then later the first president of the World Association of Psychiatrists. He was chairman of the Canadian Scientific Planning Committee.

Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, of Montreal, Canada was Dr. White when carrying out Monarch programming. Cameron tried to continue some of Mengele’s eye color research in Canada. Mengele was trying to discover for the Nazi’s how to make brown eyes blue. Cameron received funding from the Illuminati. Cameron also got funding from the CIA. The Rockefeller Foundation gave him $40,000 in 1943 to create the Allen Memorial Institute for psychiatry, an Illuminati front. He began doing programming early in the 1950s. Cameron had served on the gruesome western front in W.W.I. As an Illuminati kingpin and programmer, Cameron (Dr. White) was very sadistic and cold blooded.

He visited other programmers on the West Coast periodically. One leading canadian doctor said that Cameron “was not possessed of the necessary sense of humanity to be regarded as a good doctor.” The man was able to instill fear into people by looking at them. He met frequently with Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA. He travelled frequently including making stops in Washington. Many of the Monarch slaves on the east coast were victims of Cameron. He worked long hours at his mind-control work like a driven man.

In 1961, just one of Cameron’s institutions administered under his supervision 60,000 electrical shocks to patients. This is just what was recorded at one institution for one year. Who knows how many victims got electrical shocks and programming by this man? He worked with the Jesuit part of the NWO in Canada. Leonard Rubensteinwas one of his trusted assistants. Cameron encouraged dissension among his staff in divide and Conquer tactics to maintain his power. Cameron had a big ego that allowed him to steal other people’s work and give himself credit for it, in his publications.

Nazi Mind Control shapes the subconscious mind through many control and slave-making devices which employ sex, drugs and usury control devices. Most of these devices have been advanced by your government since 1947 as "necessary" through highly duplicitous "altruistic" programs. Any parent who attempts to protect his children from such devices becomes "an enemy of the state" with absolutely no parental rights. These slave-making devices have been so "normalized" in society, that few Americans today even question their true source and purpose. Therefore, the land of the free is transformed into a slave society and it all started right here in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Through funding the "research" of Ernst Rudin and Otmar Von Verschuer, they also financed the horrific experimentation of Verschuer's medical commandant, Josef Mengle, the "Angel of Death" of Auschwitz whose experiments on children, especially twins, provided scientific data for the Kaiser Wilhem Institute:

"Of the 3000 twins who passed through Mengele's labs, only 200 survived the war. Depending on the type of experiment endured by the twins, they were driven to various labs at Auschwitz or neighboring Birkenau camp. Most received routine blood and x-ray tests, often on a daily basis... Mengele's experiments both physical and psychological; experimental surgeries performed without anesthesia, transfusions of blood from one twin to another, isolation endurance, reaction to various stimuli, injections with lethal germs, sex change operations, the removal of organs and limbs, incestuous impregnations... Mengele injected chemicals into the eyes of children in an attempt to change their eye color... Unfortunately a strict veil of secrecy over the experiments enabled Mengele to do his work more effectively, and 'twins who were subjected to the most grusome procedures took his secrets to their graves.' The full extent of his gruesome work will never be known because the records he sent to Dr. Von Verschuer at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute were shipped out 'in two truckloads' and destroyed by the latter. Any remaining notes Mengele carried with him on his escape to South America and those were never found."

According to Fritz Springmeier, Josef Mengele was used by the Illuminati to develop trauma-based mind control by experimenting on Jewish victims in the Holocaust, and after the war Mengele was smuggled to the U.S. to put mind control into practice as one of the CIA's main mind control programmers. The author of "Mind Control The Ultimate Terror" credits Mengele with development of the MK Ultra mind control program:

"Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the MK Ultra and Monarch mind control programs. Mengele and hundreds of other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in their underground military facilities which soon became home to thousands upon thousands of kidnapped American children snatched off the streets and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele's mind control technologies. These children (at least the ones who survived the 'training') would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for anything from sexual blackmail to assassinations."

Read about the Monarch Worm: Nazi Mind Control now used against millions of U.S. children.

The Bush-Farish American Axis with Nazi Eugenics.

View the YouTube video on Eugenics: The "Science" of Bigots requires a Dumbed-Down Population.

Today, families are destroyed through the wholesale destruction of their most basic civil and parental rights. Much of this destruction comes from the brainwashing of "behaviorist science" which is basic Skull and Bones eugenics programming of alienation and bigotry. These are "behaviorist boxes" taking us all on a one-way trip. It is never applied to the elite or their children. Under Nazi law, the most enlightened families are destroyed first.

Dear Bedford County Femi-Nazis:

Your work has been exceptional. We are seeing fine Eugenics results by the millions. Millions of families are now being torn apart by the sex magic of sex taboos that we have so painstakingly planted into the minds of their parents, grandparents and bureaucrats. Sex taboos work magically for loosening children away from real parents so we can traffic them as sex slaves. Sexual repression at childhood works magically. Sexual hysteria is now working brilliantly, just as Hitler said it would. Full sexual repression at childhood away from critical knowledge and empowerment by real fathers is the key to our success!

We must thank Sigmund Freud for explaining how to build these powerful taboos into society making them very stupid and very sadistic. The full destruction of the reality principle will make these children absolute slaves. This will kill millions by AIDS, dumb them down and become the perfect PSYOPS for destroying the next generation. We know they will be too stupid to understand our scheme as they keep coming back to us as "parental" figures! Because we know the real power of subconscious programming, we will keep these secrets to ourselves and away from parents. Especially as we build even more powerful taboos programming children with our television shows, movies, news, music and video games. When we finally take over plantation earth, we will eat babies and outlaw Christmas, but for now, we must remain "parental." Such thankless work will be rewarded as we all meet on a depopulated planet some time in the future for which I will own.

Building 7 proves that our Mind Control technology works, dumbing them down so they can't even see the obvious. We are now able to kill, rape and torture millions by the bogey-man myths we've so painstakenly developed through our many hypno-devices like television.

Keep up the good work of destroying families. We shall burn an effigy of a child for you at our next fire festival.

Most truly yours,

John D. Rockefeller

Zeitgeist: Addendum---The true source of Terrorism and Slavery

View some of the children destroyed for a Nazi-inspired system that makes slaves:

Sexual repression at childhood away from parental authority and empowerment is a long-standing Nazi scheme to manipulate and control entire populations with wrongful government manipulation. The destruction of the parental duty is key to brainwashing throughout history. Once the parental duty is lost in a given population, that population turns into slaves easily manipulated by Rockefeller's vast media mind machine. This slavery is so obvious and so easy to prove, that only a retarded coward cannot see the import of this issue. Literally, these devices of superstition and sex magic cannot work in real courts of law, so they have placed our children in Nazi courts! They are now burning effigies of children in celebration of this imposed slavery.

Death cults do not create CAPTA to "protect" children. They are stealing children for child sacrifice rituals, all of which is normalized by a controlled media. Psychological engineering is used to spread broad disinformation, myths and Nazify bureaucrats with emotional programming to destroy sound child development and Nazify children en mass. The Nazification of these children is obvious to anyone who would look.

Hundreds of faulty programming errors occurred on 9/11 proving a massive government conspiracy regarding your Rockefeller-CIA media. This is a media that is conditioning you as a slave and is blind to the real atrocities going on in America. This is a controlled blindness using your own programmed belief system against you:

Dr. David Griffin on the 9/11 Fraud that Mind Control's the U.S. Population.

CPS Corruption Unveiled

Pennsylvania is the worst violator of parent and child rights as it has by far the highest number of child-trafficking organizations. Children are violated by cyborgs, programmed by the "bahavioral sciences" of the elite and not by the Constitution. They now operate Inquisitions employing powerful Nazi Mind Control trauma-based brainwashing methods against women and children, fully inverting their entire belief system for the utter destruction of their families. German children are the most prized by the elite, and Pennsylvania's high German population is the most exploited population for the making of the child mind-slave. We are identifying hundreds of child mind-slaves terrorized, raped and destroyed by these "altruistic" programs coming down from the Bohemian Grove death cult.

Our Constitution was written as a bottom-up contract where the parent retains the real power. The Nazi elite cannot function in such a power system so they will advance Mind Control to reverse our Constitution's power system in order to fully exploit non-elite children. The American people have been thoroughly duped about the Republican elite's "moral" movement concerning children. This movement is advanced by pedophiles at the very top of government, which is completely consistent with Mind Control variables regarding the inexplicable Machiavellian manipulator. Until the American public is made fully aware of the inexplicable realm in which these criminals operate, these children will continue to be exploited in the most heinous manner.

Now the president has absolute powers to round-up all Americans through bogus terror attacks and inoculate them. That literally means a third-generation Nazi can round up your kids and inoculate them with drugs from the same companies that worked with Hitler. The truth is far more interesting than any fiction. Parents have a constitutional right to raise, educate and protect their children in historical truth, sexual truth, build sexual objectivity and sexual values so that their children are not easily manipulated by obvious Nazis and conspirators against our Constitution. Step up to our Constitution or step out!