Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is Bedford Springs destined to become the new home of the Bohemian Grove death-cult elite?

In a naked display of truth, a band of young girls are protesting being made fatherless by corrupt government officials. They claim that slavery has never really left America and that they are the slaves. The nude girls are running wildly through the wooded country-side near and around Bedford Springs, in Bedford Pennsylvania. The Governor finds this activity highly unusual, being so early in the Spring, but promised to personally look into it. Men from all around the state are converging on the location to try and assist the girls with blankets and fire-making skills. The Resort has no comment at this time, due largely to gay Republicans convening there who have logged in a protest that such activity annoyed them. "These girls are not what I came here for!" demanded one gay Republican. "I came here for the World Conference on Femi-Nazi Fashion, and this is too old school, too death-camp sheik for our taste! Where are these girls' daddies anyway?" It appears that many of the girls' fathers are living under bridges in many "Bush-villes" scattered throughout the deep South. On this latest development, the Bush Administration promises to keep us all posted.

Bedford County is the historical home of the American eugenics movement, a neo-Nazi movement that had to go underground after World War II. "Non-elite" children are routinely trafficked away from their parents through hyper-abuse hysteria, sexual amplification methods and other witchcraft methods of eugenics. "Elite" children at Bedford Springs Resort are not so targetted. We are investigating these obvious double-standards and the outrageously unconstitutional sexual inquisitions the state now uses to traffic in children as de facto slaves.

Children in Bedford County are routinely taken from their parents and held in sexual repression on farms by a corrupt government enforcing and "perfecting" eugenics population control. Learn the facts at

Understanding propaganda through propaganda: Even though it is a major generational taboo and problem in much of America, how does sexual repression really serve government? Does it make slaves? How can high art be a "threat" to this same government?

Bedford Pennsylvania is the home to the Dred Scott decision which lead directly to the Civil War. Children are now being trafficked away from their parents in Bedford based upon actual Nazi Mind Control methods brought to the U.S. by the CIA. This issue is profoundly important, and we will not sit by as Republicans spin the facts about slavery and Mind Control in America!

View actual footage: The Top Republican Establishment Sacrifice Children through Rituals at the Bohemian Grove

Legal advice: When forced to receive a report card from the Devil, never strive for straight A's.